Shocker Lexi Watkins Commits To IU!

The Shockers would like to congratulate our very own Lexi Watkins who verbally committed to playing for Indiana University! Lexi, currently still in the 7th grade, has always worked very hard through practices, games and also through ODP events, where she has represented the Indiana ODP team! She is determined to continue working hard and looks forward to playing for IU in a few years time!


Fall 2018 Highlights Video!

The Fall 2018 highlights video has been released! Based on the TV series “Supernatural”, you can see the Shocker highlights as we finished as Finalists at the TFA Fall Ball and the Mead Cup and won the Dublin United Champions Cup! All while going undefeated in the State division of the Buckeye Premier League!

And for the first time this video is more accessible as it comes with subtitles! You can turn the subtitles on or off by clicking the “CC” button on the video! Click the link at the bottom of the page!


New Shocker Video!

The latest Shocker video has been released! This video is the highlights from the Spring 2018 season which included our Presidents Cup win and run through the Midwest Regionals! The theme for this video is the old style silent movies from the 1920s and earlier! Be sure to check it out with the link at the bottom of the page!


Dublin United Champions Cup Champions!

The Shockers went to Dublin Ohio this past weekend to compete in the Dublin United Champions Cup. We knew from the beginning that this would be a tough tournament which is what we wanted.

The first game was a tight contest but the Shockers came through from a couple of PKs giving us a 2-0 win to start the day!

Later that day we had another hard game. The score was 1-1 going into the last minute of the game. The Shockers brought the ball up from the far side of the field, all the way down and put in the winning goal with seconds to go! With two wins, we finished the first day on top of our division.

Up bright and early the next day, the Shockers showed no signs of any weariness and controlled the game from start to finish, ending up with a big 6-0 win!

In the Final, we played the same team that we had played second the day before, and just like that game, it was very tight the whole game. At the end of regulation, the score was tied at 0-0 and we went to PKs! We started the PKs off slowly, missing the first two but finished strong making the final 3 which left us still tied at 3-3 at the end of the first five PKs! The next five shooters lined up in what was a sudden death shootout! We made our first and they missed, and we became the Dublin United Champions Cup U15 Champions!

These ladies showed great heart and fought to the end of each game this weekend and the results show it!


Indiana Presidents Cup Champions!

It was a very windy day in Indianapolis, but the Shockers came into town with a purpose. That purpose was to go out and win our state in the Presidents Cup tournament.

With visitors all the way from Australia coming to watch the game, the Shockers put it to them in the first half, going into the break with a strong 2-0 lead. They didn’t let up in the second half and continued to control the game putting in another goal for a final score of 3-0 to win the Indiana Presidents Cup to continue what has been a remarkable season!

A short time later, our Tempest Revolution sisters followed up with a win of their own to become the Indiana Presidents Cup winners in their age group, giving Tempest the double victory!

With our win, we continue our season by going onto Regionals to represent the state of Indiana!